05/13/16 – Rose Butt Board

Top Of The Show:

I am free of AT&T and I’m loving my Tivo (this isn’t 2002, I know)

Bad news if you’re a gaping-hole lover who subscribes to the Rose Butt Board. You’ve been hacked.

A former Vouge model is now elderly, a drunk, and insane.

Adam & Eve! Get 50% off just about any item, plus 3 free full length adult movies, and a mystery gift! Bonus: Free shipping on your order! Just remember to use promo code: FREAK

Weird /Crazy/ Bizarre News:

A billboard of Marco Rubio sucking on a penis lollipop is up

The Sex Competition Reality show has found a home

Anal Pregnancy is possible! IFL science!

Other Things:

More listeners hate the new naming of shows. They want the date in the title. Your wish is my command!

New DV-inspired bizarre sex terms

PK&J – where are they now?


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