Top Of The Show:

Another Christian family making a scene at a Target store because Trans people can piss and shit in their precious toilets

Finally! A re-usable, washable fashion diaper for adults with incontinence issues.

A religious video from the 80’s/90’s featuring a demon talking to the Devil. Also, I think Satan could run a totally efficient abortion clinic

Adam & Eve! Get 50% off just about any item, plus 3 free full length adult movies, and a mystery gift! Bonus: Free shipping on your order! Just remember to use promo code: FREAK

Weird /Crazy/ Bizarre News:

A man has avocado-sized testicles that keep slipping out

Near Deads Are having babies! A new mother and she’s over 70 years old

6 Pounds of hair pulled from a woman’s stomach

Other Things:

I’ve got some SSBBW rapper listeners

I don’t know nearly enough about Xenomorphs as I should

Some love for bush babies

Mrs. Miller sings a happy b-day song


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