Top Of The Show:

We’ve got a new fatman! I feature him on the show today, and I’ve got a special video to share with you freaks over on Facebook!

A mentally challenged kid gives us a wonderful daytime TV blooper

The King of Farts might have the loudest, wettest, clearest farts on the Internet

Another duet with Shane Lee!

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Weird /Crazy/ Bizarre News:

Barbecuing the family dog in the smoker. And then things get weird.

Is it racist to call a basketball team “fast little monkeys”?

Donald Trump called a woman “piggy”. This is the LEAST offensive thing Trump has said this week.

Other Things:

Jerk Zeus thinks a post-stroke Tim could be highly entertaining on DV.

Shout out from Houston!

The auto-transcribe feature on the voicemail does not handle curse words well

Haley’s Comet is trying to talk about pastor Manning but even his phone hates him


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