Top Of The Show:

The Life Alert Remix: Listen to the whole thing!

A new Youtard obsessed with Garfield, Nermal, and eating cat food.

Another weatherman queens out to an insect

TJ may be following in his dad’s footsteps

A child live-streaming loves that racism

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Weird /Crazy/ Bizarre News:

Pissing down the aisles of Walmart, shitting in a Lowe’s display toilet.

When vegans try to prove they are as strong as meat-eaters, vegans die.

Snapchatting you getting fucked by a train of boys in a highschool restroom

Other Things:

A blind listener doesn’t like being lumped in with the furries.

Setting the record straight about the Starbucks lawsuit

Some helpful information about my tiny urethra hole

I’d like a cock-head sprinkler system


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