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Top Of The Show:

Pathetic sexy talk

A new screaming christian! This time she’s all over Youtube, and not limiting her rants to Transgender-loving Target stores. She’s going world-wide with her crazy.

The NRA’s new ad is bonkers.

Adam & Eve! Get 50% off just about any item, plus 3 free full length adult movies, and a mystery gift! Bonus: Free shipping on your order! Just remember to use promo code: FREAK

Weird /Crazy/ Bizarre News:

Porn sized peni’ is now a medical reality!

Terrorist or pedophile? The computer knows. The computer knows.

Breaking some of the dumbest records ever.

Other Things:

Black adoption agencies are on to me.

A cuckolding tale

DankTim wants to share the Kratom with me

Spiral Ham Fucker might be a cutter


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