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You may have heard: DV was nominated for 2 People’s Podcast Awards. Vote for the show in the People’s Choice and Comedy categories EVERY DAY. It takes just a second! Thanks in advance!

Remember CJ The Near Dead? He’s got an art show! Check out his website for some of his cool artwork: Check out his show “6 Years Out From Bye Bye land” on June 11th at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center  (4272 Fremont Avenue North) from 6:30 to 9pm!

An annoying twat of a child fighting with his mom over porn and computers

#WhiteFartsMatter and so do pizza-faced teens

Still praying for Nermal.

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Weird /Crazy/ Bizarre News:

Sexbots will make us all feel inadequate.

How many puppies can I kill in a week? Thanks, Nestle!

An axe fight over dick-size

Other Things:

Spiral Ham Fucker would lick my butt

Making *TING* your message notification sound

Florida Man is still holding his grudge


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