Top Of The Show:

I’m bad at getting high. Everything makes me sleepy.

Is blackface still a bad thing? I mean, not the old-timey racist blackface of of the 1900’s. How else are you supposed to dress up and look like your idols?

Bob Marley was a big old pot freak and it’s OK he’s the face of marijuana products today.

I play some old Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert Outtakes

And I dig up a video of a woman urging us all to drink our period blood

Weird /Crazy/ Bizarre News:

Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins think all you SJW’s are akin to KKK members

A Florida woman pussy-poached some cheetos

A woman fell asleep on plane and awoke to find her lady bits slathered with lotion

Other Things:

An idea to have a scratch-n-sniff episode of DV

My idea to streamline DV into shorter episodes and daily chunklets has backfired. I’m still doing long shows AND more content for the Sideshow.

I may have had sex dreams about family members.


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