Hey guys!
Hope you enjoyed my silly attempt at an April Fools Day joke. Some of you have asked how I put it together. I used free translation tools available on the web to convert English into Spanish and then used a test-to-speech online application developed at AT&T to actually “speak” it.
Read on for some of the stuff that was spoken in Spanish during the show:

– This whiny bitch is upset because half of it is in spanish and his gay ass can’t share the the spotlight. faggot.
– This one time I was taking a bath with my step sister and she started licking my pussy hard. I was so wet. I knew
it was wrong, but I couldn’t help it. I loved it!
– Holy shit am I wore out! My man was fucking my tight asshole all night. I couldn’t shit straight in the morning. that fucker has to be like 13 inches.
– I forgot to tell you I have a scorching case of herpes. I had an abortion last night.
– Where is that little bitch Tim? He took this April Fools Day joke too far. No one is listening to the podcast now, for sure.
– I think i have pubic lice. my luggage is lost. I need a foot doctor. Grapes are my favorite food. My car keys are in my trousers.
– I think the rapist doesn’t get enough respect. I like very large muffins, but only the corn kind. Hitler was right. I am a dancing blade of grass.
– Now that’s all the time we have for your stupid news. I hope you choke on my vagina, you dirty listeners.
– Now I get to read some of your pathetic messages. You have no lives and nothing better to do than write to Tim, the idiot?
So there you have it! We’ll be back on Monday with a real show! Until then, have a great Weekend!