Top Of The Show:

I forgot to apologize for the April 1st shows! The joke ended up being on me, as now I’m obsessed with Fuller House.

A woman became addicted to eating moth balls  and only Christ can save her from this madness.

Bert and Ernie have nasty, dirty sex in this classique edition of Sextastic Tuesday

Apple Weird /Crazy/ Bizarre News:

The poop museum is open! Get brown!

Shitting in your neighbors yard will get you stabbed.

Salad bar etiquette: Number 1 rule? Don’t scoop the salad out with your dirty hands.

Other Things:

Tim learns what Come On Eileeen really means.

Tone Deaf Shawn’s brother is still waiting for something from me

A listener notices something strange about Thursday Lane. EVERYTHING is strange about Thursday Lane.

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