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Top Of The Show:

You may have heard: DV was nominated for 2 People’s Podcast Awards. Vote for the show in the People’s Choice and Comedy categories EVERY DAY. It takes just a second! Thanks in advance!

Bernie Sanders has a voice like a canary! Libby!

Linda Finkle throws her talent behind Hillary

Chris Chan makes love to a sex doll: Youtube Link Here

Adam & Eve! Get 50% off just about any item, plus 3 free full length adult movies, and a mystery gift! Bonus: Free shipping on your order! Just remember to use promo code: FREAK

Weird /Crazy/ Bizarre News:

A Kangaroo popped open a fake breast

A dark and scary porno shoot

Some dude took a big shit on the Kroger U-Scan self checkout machine

Other Things:

A listener calls in to talk about the “pissing while on a zipline” news story

Hot of the success of my Mega Man theme singing, a listener wants me to do Contra next

More gay bathhouse information from someone who works there

I tried to learn modem-ese.


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