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Video Cast

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From The Logs of DV [VIDEO]

Hey Freaks! If you've ever wondered what type of crap is in the DV-LOG videocasts, I have 30 minutes worth of rare/classique/stupid/gross visual stupidity for ...
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Memorial Day / DV-LOG: 100

Hey Freaks! It's Memorial Day weekend! Enjoy your day off. I recorded a show for Sideshow freaks, so if you want to hear it: Sign up now! Otherwise, enjoy this...
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Distorted View Daily: 02/12/07

Hey Freaks! Instead of a normal Monday show, I did a short video blog about my day, my new computer, and a very special gift I received. It's something we can A...
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Tim Looks For A Home In Ashtabula

Hey Freaks, Sorry it took so long to post this. I forgot that it takes waaay longer to edit video than it does audio. As you know, I'm looking for a place to li...
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Distorted View Daily: 4/20/06

So, I've come down with a yet another fucking cold. I don't think this one is going to be too bad, though. I don't quite feel like death or anything. Nonetheles...