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The New Face Of Porn

25 Year old virgin looking to score a role (and vagina) in an adult film. Porn directors: he's a bargain! His fee is only in the $20,000-$40,000 range. ...
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A Spinning Dehydrated Cat

Well, it's a real WYSIWYG kind of day here at Distorted View. The headline states that there is a video of a spinning dehydrated cat here, and by golly I'm goin...
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Ear Pulling Olympics

"You either have to have the ears for this, or you don't" - Quote from a participant of the world's stupidest athletic event. ...
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Lottery Balls EVERYWHERE

During a recent South Carolina lottery drawing, the ball machine when bah-nay-nay's and started spewing numbers out. Enjoy this Lottery Fail. ...