On Today’s Show:

00:00:00:01.00 Introduction
00:02:25:17.53 Tim And Shane Sing Some Duets
00:06:43:11.13 Cunnilingus Tips From An Idiot / Cartoon Voiceovers
00:09:24:07.77 Neo Nazi Incel Wants A 16 Year Old Wife
00:14:25:05.65 Devon’s New Celebrity Crush
00:15:43:04.59 Crazed Idiots Fight Over Parked Car
00:22:47:01.76 Don’t Tell An Animal Shelter You’re Going To Sexually Assault A Cat
00:25:55:14.35 A Fart-Based Parody Song
00:28:09:17.79 Sign Up For The Sideshow!
00:29:30:18.24 Loving Pastor Gives A Sermon About Killing People Execution-Style
00:37:42:07.00 Small Dick Shaming Results In Shooting / Death
00:41:36:17.77 Digitally Dropping That Dong


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