Hey Freaks!

What started out as a 15 minute recap for new listeners so they’d understand some of the more often played audio clips and obscure DV references grew into a 2 hour and 15 minute look back at the first 4 years of DV.

I didn’t just want to play sound clips and say, “this is what I mean when I say ___”, so instead I tried to find the old shows from where these references and clips originated.

I think this will be entertaining for new listeners and old alike. Hope you enjoy it! I’ll be back tomorrow to return with normal episodes of DV, although Sideshow freaks will get a bonus episode today (I was supposed to do a weekend show, but this took all my time). Not a member of the Sideshow? Sign up now!

On Today’s Show:

– The Polite Vampire, The Dickhole Guy, Chicken Nuggets, Gay Fisting, Black Friday

– Black & White, Insensitive Reenactments, Jigoo, The Shit Slurper, Cheryl Merkowski

– Corey, Digget Hoad, I Just Came My Face Off, Shit Dildo, Blue, Wet Shit, Hot Dog and Jambo

– Fresh Perked, Don West, Linda Finkle, Ask Satan, I Want The Gold, Careless Fairies

– Skanks, TNB, Monkey Future, VAGINA POWER, Domestic Abuse PSA’s

– Lil Markie, AYDS. Granny Tranny, Hydroplaning, Casey Kasem, My Cardboard Heart

– Fatman, Wing, Precious Taft, Winnebago Man, Gorgyles, Rape is Like Candy


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