Yet another Best-Of show! And please excuse the plain-looking website. I hope to make it a bit more snazzy in the next few days. But for now:
On this episode of DV:
Giving birth to your baby on camera…during a porno shoot. Oh yeah, it’s true, and it’s happening in New Zealand. Quite a specific fetish they’re targeting, isn’t it?
Holy testicles in tupperware! Thanks to the Internet, freaks and weirdo’s can meet up without the hassle of taking an ad out in “Koo-Koo Bananers Monthly”. Some guy wanted his balls removed, and a Michigan resident took him up on that challenge. Then they ate pie.
Finally, a Canadian man flees after having sex with the dogs that he dressed up in bras and panties. What more can you say about that, really?
Distorted View: Best-Of 7/22/02