Hey freaks!
Check out the new page! Pretty snazzy, huh? Yeah, well, the links don’t work. So don’t try clicking on any of the navigation pages, because you’ll get a big fat 404 error. Give me a day or two to iron it all out. Now for the impoart stuff:
On Todays Distorted View Daily:
-Medical equipment can suck you into the vortex of doom! It’s true (kind of) and I’ll tell you how it happens! It’s News You Can Use(tm)
-What happens when you live in a small house and have 50 cats, plus dogs and other assorted critters? You get an awful odor…and busted by police
-Porn movies played all over an Internation Airport! Now that’s what I call a lay-over! Ba-Dum-Bum.
All this plus more of your E-mails! It’s all happening today on DV! Dowload it now, regret it later!
Distorted View Daily: 01/11/05