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I’m thanking you freaks for hanging in there while I moved my life down to Cincinnati with an easy giveaway. Just rate and review DV on iTunes, Stitcher, or any other prominent podcast directory, or just STD (Spread the Distortion) and get some new potential freaks listening to the show. E-mail me with what you’ve done and you might just win. Details are on today’s show!

On Today’s Show:

4:11 – Super Hero sex toys

10:37 – The return of Precious Taft!

22:03 – My favorite x-rated crossdresser porntard is back!

The News:

25:08 – A totally unnecessarily racist prom date invitation

30:07 – That dude who mowed down a bunch of women in Toronto? Surprise Surprise: he was a sex-starved incel dork.

40:08 – A homeless man sexually assaulted a horse

43:39- Voicemails!

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