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I’m thanking you freaks for hanging in there while I moved my life down to Cincinnati with an easy giveaway. Just rate and review DV on iTunes, Stitcher, or any other prominent podcast directory, or just STD (Spread the Distortion) and get some new potential freaks listening to the show. E-mail me with what you’ve done and you might just win. Details are on today’s show!

On Today’s Show:

2:13 – I’m an expert on parenting and we need to have a talk. God blessed me with 12 bouncing bundles of pissing, shiting, vomiting pocket monsters

4:15 – Children need to learn that their heroes are not always good people. There’s no such thing as the perfect person. Let’s introduce some cartoon characters with some serious flaws.

6:42 – 80’s cartoon character Jem is back and she got into a little trouble on Twitter. Introducing her social media team action figures!

8:19 – Showdown at a grocery store parking lot.

9:20 – I park in pregnant-only spots, family parking only, I don’t care. I am a god-damn rebel, man.

17:00 РRacist rock. White-Supremecy aint just for country music fans anymore.

The News:

21:42 – Florida man goes all ninja on a couple people who probably DIDNT EVEN STEAL HIS SOCKS. A sword is involved

25:01 – A bishop has blessed a toilet because that’s how irrelevant organized religion has become

30:00 – Ok, yeah, Trump’s done something else that is weird. He wrote his own medical report. It’s 2018, this is normal, lets move on.

34:15 – Voicemails!