Distorted View Daily: 1/10/05

Heya Freaks!
It’s Monday. I know, I know, it sucks. Most likely it’s the start of the work or school week for you, but fear not! Uncle Tim is here with another daily dose of DV for you to help turn that frown upside down…or at least to take that 9mm out of your mouth.
On Today’s Show:
– A beached whale causes a massive disturbance and an interesting money-making oppurtunity. And no, Kirstie Alley isn’t out and about promoting her new TV show “Fat Actress”
– What do naked elderly men and shopping carts have in common?
– Pretending to have cancer to receive sympathy and Oxycontin.
Enjoy! And keep those cameras rolling!
Distorted View Daily: 01/10/05