Hey Freaks!
It’s Friday, which means we’ve got to end the week. I know, I know, it’s sad. Fear not because we’ve got an awesome show for you to tide you over until Monday. In addition to the news of the weird, Satan stops by and a we’ve got a special voicemail from my Hollywood Agent! Have a great weekend and join me back here on Monday to start a whole new week of distortion!
On Today’s Show:
– Wearing your mother. That’s right: wearing
– Killing your spouse – Now accepting Visa, Mastercard, and Diner’s Club.
– The dangers of masturbating in public
Scott Fletcher: Podcheck
PK&J Show: Uber-Podcasters
Adam Curry: Sirius Podshow
Story Porn: Literotica
Star Wars List: 99 Actual Lines That Could Be Used In a Porno
Short Film: Night Owls – Ladies In Danger
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