Welcome back, freaky deakies!
Hope you had a fan-fucking-tastic weekend! I’m well rested and back with yet more audio distortion for you.
Coming up on the show today:
Something on Britney Spears stinks and it’s not just the rotting stench of her career. We’ll get to the bottom of this mystery in our DV Pop News Update.
A man who believes he’s a cat found himself stuck in a tree. Tune in for this puurrr-fectly stupid man’s tale.
A woman was sent a human brain in the mail. No word on if the lion received his heart or if Dorothy got her three-speed oscillating dildo.
Finally, Germany is planning a gay and lesbian retirement home. Das Flamen Haus will open in 2006.
All of this plus your E-mails, today on Distorted View!
Distorted View Show: 12/13/04