Hey freaks!
It’s Friday! Enjoy the show because we’ve saved the best for last. We will be back on Monday to start a new week of DV for you. But don’t forget to visit Distorted View during the weekend for the online release of the new short film, “Night Owls Episode 2”. Good times!
On today’s show:
Shopping for groceries? Don’t forget to get faced jabbed with a little Botox injection. No double coupons.
Santa Claus is totally beating up elderly people. The near-death have been very naughty this year, I guess.
A man gets killed by his very own lava lamp. How is this even possible? Tune in to find out.
Finally, Tim’s favorite news story of the week, and it involves cannibalism! Rock On!
Have a great weekend!
Distorted View Show: 12/17/04