Fat Shaming Works!

Top Of The Show:

Fat Shaming may be harsh, but it works! Also, old celebrities owned their fatness. Let’s bring that mentality back!

I play audio from an anal sex oopsy

A woman being harassed at Target films and chases her pervert!

Showdown at the Del Taco!

Weird /Crazy/ Bizarre News:

Starbucks is skimming it’s customers precious ounces

A mother went to a sex offender tattoo artist to ink up her children

One news reporter cracks open the case of the non-working metal detectors. Or does she?

Other Things:

Instead of chunklets we should be calling mini shows (chicken) nugggets.

DankTim’s sisiter DankTiffany calls in!

Another depressed listener threatens suicide. I’m going to lose ALL OF YOU 🙁 Get help, freaks.

Florida Man is PISSED off at one of you. VOICEMAIL WARS!


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