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1:33 Introduction
2:20 Women Are The Reason The World Has Gone To Shit
3:44 MGTOW Douche Explains How Women Keep Men Down
11:42 Strange ASMR Porn Videos
16:20 Linda Finkle Hall Of Fame Nominees
23:45 How To Sell To Darker Skin Customers (Circa 1954)
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34:00 Machete Wielding Sex Participants Arrived At The Wrong Address
38:09 One Million Moms Pissed At Pixar’s New Very Gay Short Film
41:42 Shoving A HIV Blood Soaked Used Maxipad Into A Police Officer’s Face
47:06 Voicemail Time! 206-666-4463 / Ending
53:56 Listeners Submitted Song: We’re Freaks By Jessie


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