Top Of The Show:

I introduce you to the fagmaster! For $5,000, he’ll personally verbally abuse you! Bonus: achievable badges!

What happens when a woman wants sex from a guy who isn’t in the mood

A speedrunner loses his mind

What does a crackhead who thinks his dick is on fire sound like?

Audio from Puke Fest 2009

Weird /Crazy/ Bizarre News:

Getting an abortion is like trading in your shitty car. Kind of?

Fired for saying “Vagina”

A homeless man in Florida did some weird shit. What’s the opposite of SHOCKING NEWS?

Other Things:

A listener wants a Jason update. He’s a dog catcher now or something

Hopefully our voicemail line will continue to work after this week

A listener has signed up multiple new Sideshow members. VIP freak!

Everyone loves my angelic voice


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