On Today’s Show:

Introduction 0:00.000
Disgusting Songs From Twisted Anus And More Homo Core Music 1:55.656
Weird Moment During The Apple iPhone Unveiling 7:01.867
The (Dead) Queen Of England Came On DV 13:20.618
Queen Of England Conspiracy – She Died Having Sex With A Horse 15:07.022
Queen Of England Conspiracy – She Was a School Shooter 20:49.078
Shoplifting or Vaginal Itch? YOU DECIDE 23:55.759
Become A True And Honorable Freak! 27:48.065
Alien Wannabe’s Newest Extreme Body Modification 28:56.056
Police Pervy Pants Got Into A Minor’s Mobile Phone And Almost Her Pants 34:21.321
Annoyed Bus Driver Threatens To Shoot Children 40:47.771
Voicemails: 206-666-4463 / Ending 44:34.801