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Here’s a simple game to test your Reymon14 knowledge. Each question presented is a quote. Your job is determine if the quote is from our beloved friend Reymon. Ready? Let’s go!


"I am a stabbing robot. I will stab you."

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Someone else

That was Tracy Jordan from 30 Rock


"When we started the rainbow uh...uh the rainbow all the thoughts that go with that."

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Yup. That one's Reymon
I don't think so

That was actually a quote from Charles Manson

In an inteview with Charlie Rose, Charles Manson talked about rainbows and scorpions...but mostly rainbows

"I come from a long lineage of what you call, "breeders"

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Of Course He Said That!
Umm No

Reymon is a breeder!

Right at the beginning of this video, Reymon talks about his breeder lineage. (copy and paste link in your broswer)

"I hereby resign as a teenager at the turn of an hour and at 12:00 Pacific, 12:00 Mountain, 12 Central, and 12 Eastern, 12 Atlantic, and international time codes I hereby honor a new era in my life"

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Of Course He Said That!

Reymon resigns as a teenager at about the 2:15 mark in this video. (copy and paste link in your broswer)  

I have a 10,000-year-old brain and the boogers of a 7-year-old.

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That's a Reymonism!
Rey did not say that

Actually, Charlie Sheen Said That.


Neighbors: they are your friends. Neighbors: they are not your friends. Neighbors…are neighbors.

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That is *SO* Reymon
That is *SO* Raven

Yeah, that was a reymon quote!

Reymon ponders the idea of neighbors at the start of this video (copy and paste link in your broswer)

"It's like a trampoline for your bridge"

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A Reymon quote!
No way

Nope! Scientology

From a video featuring a ton of nutty testimonials:

"But a fish as an operating system? Come on! We’ve seen a lot of weird things in the past"

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Sounds like Reymon to me!
Are you crazy? No way.

Come On! Of Course it was Reymon!

Hear this quote at around the 1:02 mark in the video (copy and paste link in your broswer)

"I’ll give you an eclipse when the moon goes like, and the moon, the moon does something - there’s Subway"

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Rey quote!
Someone else said that!

Nope! Just Drugged Up Babbling

This kid just had his wisdom teeth removed. At around the 1:40 mark he utters this quote.

"The Pope owns Long John Silvers"

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That's totally Reymon!
Reymon did NOT say that!

Tracy Jordan from 30 Rock said that


Quite frankly, I’m sick of it, all the race pimping

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Totally Rey
Reymon wouldn't say that

He Said it!

At around the 46 second mark in this video, Reymon tackles the very serious issue of race pimping. (copy and paste link in your broswer)

"I make awesome decisions in bike stores."

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Someone else

No, that was a Kanye West Tweet