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Introduction 2:12.000
A Large Dildo Has Received Glowing Reviews 3:24.000
Meade Wonders Why Everyone Hates His Music 8:48.000
Meade Misses The Uptopia Of The 1950’s 14:07.413
Another Dirty, Sexual, Filthy Rap Song 19:59.783
I Found A New Great Mashup Artist 21:57.228
A Drunk Homosexual Vs. Bouncer 25:49.500
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Pulling A Tapeworm Out Of Your Dirty Disgusting Child’s Ear 32:01.666
Releasing A Psychopath Back Into The Wild A Little Early 36:26.802
Fast Food Receipt Calls Fat Man Out 39:52.000
Voicemails: 206-666-4463 / Ending 44:59.604

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