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00:00:00:00.00 Introduction
00:01:46:12.62 Liberal Only And Conservative Only Grocery Stores
00:09:31:22.01 Showdown Over Stamps At The Post Office
00:14:04:09.76 White Man Asks Black Man To Turn Down His Music
00:17:55:03.08 A Very Bad Stalker Who Is In Love
00:24:37:20.11 How One Video Made Me Renounce My Involvement With The LGBTQIA+ Community
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00:34:02:10.51 Criminal Ear Piercing
00:38:26:05.03 Cocking A Gun To Stop The Sex Moaning
00:41:08:05.30 Another Basement Dwelling Neo Nazi Who Lives With Mommy Is In Trouble
00:44:59:03.70 Voicemails: 206-666-4463 / Ending


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