On Today’s Show:

Introduction 0:00.000
I Hate President’s Day 1:59.654
The New Timian Calendar System 4:23.865
Black Speaker Wants To Get Rid Of White Babies 9:40.906
The Gentlemen (And Lady) Callers Into The Spank Bank Voicemail System 12:50.432
Galileo Is Mad At Japan / Wants To Corrupt AI 18:57.023
Vomitting On Shrooms 23:11.614
Suport Quality Distortion: Sign Up For The Sideshow 25:23.832
Killing Your Bestie For Money And a Man 26:46.905
Pulling Out Your Gun Over a Fast Food Cookie 31:41.905
Take A Dip In My Pistol Pool 35:54.186
Voicemails: 206-666-4463 / Ending 39:27.826


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