On Today’s Distorted View Daily: 

Top Of The Show:

Tim starts of the show with breaking mom news: she nearly got her hand chewed off by a dog.

Thursday Lane / WhiteGuysFartInMyFace / Diego is back with a new cause (and long hashtag) #WHITEFARTSONBLACKFACESMATTER

Audio of a drunk woman after she hit a car in a school parking lot

Weird /Crazy/ Bizarre News:

A sheriff in Idaho says there’s no need for Rape Kits because most women are lying whores

If you’re white, you’re not allowed to sing along with rap music that includes the N-Word

A new type of meditation involves getting strangers to rub your vagina.

Other Things:

Previously depressed listeners: I either helped him or he had already committed suicide

Hardcore Porn Fallout Mod Packs

Fizzled Out: My failed soda blog

A listener questions the fiscal benefits of me wanting Lifetime Sideshow subscribers

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