Top Of The Show:

Sometimes the weirdest stuff on the Internet isn’t just weird or funny, but really dark and disturbing. Today I talk about a few livestreamers who have some heinous and illegal shit. If you’re sensitive about domestic abuse, you might want to skip this episode. There’s some awful audio that lies ahead. But I’ve got to play it, because, we’ll, you know how I love to hear people cry.

Indian food is a mixture of fall colors and cat vomit

Jan Terri is back with some more “music”

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Weird /Crazy/ Bizarre News:

When your loud fornication because criminal

Google just stole CumNut out from under me! I will not stand for this!

The C in KFC might stand for “cum” at one Florida(of course) location.

Other Things:

A listener prompts me to proclaim that all children’s movies should be removed from theaters.

A lady bater popper trainer lover

More corrections on my pronunciation

Vote for me! I’ll reduce the number of letters in the alphabet


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